Why Move to Dallas? Part I

Why Move to Dallas? Part I

So you’re considering moving. You’re going to need to find somewhere with a great job market and high employment rate. A diverse and accepting community is also a must. A thriving entertainment scene with sports, art, music, and more wouldn’t hurt. What’s a city with all of these things? What about Dallas, Texas?

The third largest city in Texas has more to offer than you’d expect, and in this 2-part post we’ll show you just a few of the reasons why it’s one of the best options for your move. Keep reading and just maybe you’ll end up choosing Dallas as your new home.

The Variety

People might think Dallas is nothing but cowboy hats and rodeos, but there’s more than a little variety to “The Big D.” Dallas is home to all kinds of religious faiths, including the largest Jewish community in Texas with 45,000 Jewish residents. At 42.4%, Dallas’ Hispanic population is very much thriving, and another 25% of the population is African American. Plus, contrary to popular opinions, Dallas boasts a very large and active LGBT community.

The diversity doesn’t stop with the people, either. There are so many restaurants in Dallas that it boasts more restaurants per capita than even New York City, and all of this food has a very international variety. From the French-continental cuisine of Rosewood Mansion to Seafood, Italian, and Japanese, Dallas offers much more than just barbeque and Tex-Mex (although these are nothing to gloss over).

The Economy

What about the job market in Dallas? In a city that’s home to so many companies with huge workforces like 7-Eleven, J.C. Penney, GameStop, Frito-Lay, Dr Pepper, and many more, it’s no wonder Dallas has become a popular moving destination for its job market. On top of that, 18 Fortune 500 companies make Dallas their home along with 18 of Forbes Magazine’s list of riches billionaires—this makes Dallas second to only New York in its number of billionaires. All this wealth makes the local economy a thriving place to work.

The Farmers Market

It’s not all white collar though. Dallas boasts the largest farmers’ market in the entire country. Since 1800s when the fair opened to let farmers sell directly from their wagons, it’s been a year-round attraction for millions of people every year. The popularity of the market shows that people in Dallas appreciate and take care of their farmers.

If you’re looking for a more exciting attraction, you can also find the Dallas State Fair—the only one in the country with a full-scale auto show. And the State Fair proves that everything is bigger in Texas: it’s got the biggest Ferris wheel of its kind in the Texas Star and the “tallest cowboy in the world” in the 55-foot-tall statue-mascot Big Tex.

Stay Tuned for Why Move to Dallas – Part II coming in the next few days!