Top 4 Strange But Useful Moving Tips

Top 4 Strange But Useful Moving Tips

It’s true that you might receive a wide range of moving tips from your friends and neighbors. They might give you suggestions even though they have a limited experience in relocation. To keep yourself organized and your family motivated while ensuring the safety of your belongings, be sure you pick up some tried and true tricks. While relocation is stressful, it can be even more stressful if you’re doing a long-distance relocation. Here are some simple tips that may sound strange, but they can be quite beneficial.

1. Not everything needs to be packed in moving boxes

When you are packing your belongings, you should try to look for containers that you can utilize other than boxes. Just think how much empty space is in a large container; you can use this space for packing smaller items like kitchen utensils. This will help you in conserving space. Also, it will help you in ensuring that your smaller items will be safe during the move.

2. Use towels in the kitchen

When packing your kitchen items, the best thing you can do is to place padding in between your glass plates. In addition to being economical, bath towels can also provide better protection to your fragile plates. Do not forget to label the boxes and more importantly, when the box has fragile items, you should also specify the same outside the box, so that whoever carries or unpacks it will do so with care.

3. Be selective when throwing away “junk”

Generally, most of your friends might have recommended clearing out or disposing of unwanted items when you are planning your relocation. This makes sense because getting rid of old stuff can help reduce the number of items to be relocated. Even though this is important, you should not throw away some items. For instance, old blankets and bed sheets can be used for covering up and protecting larger items during relocation. Many moving companies will provide furniture padding, but these additional protective materials will provide better protection.

4. Utilize Plastic Bags

When you are planning to dismantle furniture and other items before relocation, there is a chance you can lose some of the bolts and nuts. To prevent this from happening, just use sandwich bags or freezer bags for storing these smaller pieces. Then, you can tape the bag to the piece of furniture so that you can which furniture the bolts and nuts belong to. You can use large freezer bags for storing wires and cables of your electronic items.

Hopefully these tips will help you during your move! As always, if you need assistance in the DFW Area (including Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Allen, McKinney, Prosper, Melissa, etc.), give the professionals at Texas State Movers a call today to discuss your needs!