Tips for Moving Cross-Country 

Tips for Moving Cross-Country 

Moving across the country is a big step. You will have your share of doubts and hassles as a result of being in a new place. The fear of moving is something we all have. If you have a great opportunity across the country, it’s definitely worth it to make the move in order to get the right place. Here’s some things that you might experience when you are moving cross-country:

  • You might be scared. The fear of being away from friends and family will get you almost a cornered feeling when you finally let the new feelings set in. Take some deep breaths and find a place of comfort and relaxation in your new environment.
  • You probably won’t know many people. It’s scary moving into a new place and not knowing anybody, but experiencing this is a great way to grow and adapt yourself to new situations.
  • You might want to go back. You are stronger for not giving in. Stay the course in order to make yourself a more complete person!

You might want to consider why you’re moving. If you have a great career opportunity, this might be worth traveling across the country in order to get more money, a better opportunity for yourself and your family and better work experience. The question is, is this worth it? You will find out pretty quickly once you get there.

Generally speaking, a job should pay more money if you are going to relocate for career reasons, or should be the next best move for your career path. If a job pays the same amount as what you are making in your current location, it’s fairly likely not worth the additional stress and pain of relocating so far away. You might want to consider just seeking out a promotion or a better opportunity closer to home instead of grabbing for something so far away, as you might find yourself missing home.

If the job you found is that much more compensation, you might be able to make this work, but keep in mind that you are likely traveling with too many things as it is right now. You have a lot of stuff. Quite a bit of that stuff is not worth the trip. The TV? Sure. Most of the clothes? Alright. The guitar? Probably. Your collection of books and CD’s? That one you might want to sell or leave behind. Some of that old beat up furniture? That should really be left behind. Rent or buy new furniture when you arrive. You’ll learn quickly when traveling far that you don’t need much of what you actually have!

Overall, the experience of cross country travel is a great opportunity assuming you are moving cross-country for the right reasons. If it’s a great opportunity, you can’t go wrong as long as the compensation and travel costs are well covered by your new job. Keep these tips in mind before moving!