Packing & Moving Supplies for Your Move

Packing & Moving Supplies for Your Move

If you want your move to go smoothly, be sure you have the right packing supplies. You’ll need to ensure you have enough boxes to hold all of your possessions during the move. Packing can be time consuming and tedious, but doing it properly–and with the proper materials–is essential to ensure your belongings are protected.

If you’re unsure of how to best pack your belongings, you may wish to hire professionals to help. By choosing an experienced and reliable company, you can rest assured that your valuables will be properly secured during the move to reduce the risk of any damages. Most moving companies will also have moving supplies available and can help you estimate how many boxes and what sizes you’ll need.

If you’re hiring a professional moving company to help with your move, be sure you talk with them before you start packing up your belongings. Depending on the insurance, local movers may be unable to provide insurance for items you’ve packed yourself. If you decide to go it alone, we’ve put together some tips to help.

Purchasing Moving Supplies

Be sure that you take an inventory of all of your belongings so you can estimate how many boxes you’ll need for the move, and what sizes. You’ll also want to be sure you have enough packing tape & bubble wrap/packing peanuts/newspaper/etc.

You can find or purchase boxes from all over the place. You can check online websites such as Craigslist to see if anyone in the area is giving away boxes. You can also ask local gas stations and supermarkets if they have any boxes they’re trying to get rid of.

However, you may not have much luck during the busier moving season (summer) or you may wish to purchase higher-quality supplies. Call around and ask local moving companies for prices (or check their websites). You can also visit places like uHaul or FedEx.

As you pack your items, be sure to divide things up by weight so that none of your boxes become too heavy. Trying to life a bunch of heavy boxes can cause strain on your knees or back. As you pack valuables, be sure you generously apply protective packing materials, such as wrapping fragile items in newspaper and bubble wrap, and adding packing peanuts (or an equivalent) to fill up empty space so your belongings don’t rattle around.

Be sure to label each box to make unpacking easier. At the very least, write “FRAGILE” in big letters on boxes that contain breakable items, and write the name of the room where the box should go. We also recommend taking a bit of time to write out the contents of the box on the top flap. This makes it easier to determine which boxes you should unpack first in your new home.

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