Moving Checklist – Part 3 of 8

Moving Checklist – Part 3 of 8

We’re back with part 3 of our 8-Part Moving Checklist series! Week three is the time to knock out a bit more research, purge and downsize your belongings, and start packing! We recommend starting with cleaning out the closets–get rid of clothing that no longer fits, things that never get worn, etc.

You can donate these clothes, or sell them, whatever you prefer! It’s also about time to research new schools for your children (if you have any). If there are multiple options, be sure to read reviews and reach out to the administrations. And finally, it’s time to start packing items you won’t be needing for a while; seasonal decorations & items, basement/attic items, etc.


Moving Checklist - Part 3 of 8 - Infographic


How are you doing so far? If you’ve kept pace with the infographics, you’re doing great! Keep up the good work, there’s still a lot to do in preparation for the big move. As always, if you’ve found this visual checklist helpful, feel free to share it on your favorite social media site(s)!