A Guide to Selling Used Furniture in Dallas

A Guide to Selling Used Furniture in Dallas

If you’re trying to make your move go more smoothly, it’s a good idea to get rid of any unwanted furniture you may have around the house and/or in storage. In order to sell your furniture at the best possible price (and equally importantly, get rid of it before your move date), and get the sale closed promptly and without any scams or shady business, it’s important to use your resources properly. These are some of the best methods for selling used furniture in Dallas, TX to utilize:

Selling on Craigslist? Don’t Forget These Simple Tips!

Craigslist is an awesome place for selling furniture in Dallas, but you have to be careful. If you want to avoid problems, which we’re sure you do, it’s important to play by certain rules and get the method of selling on Craigslist down right. Here are the things you want to know before selling:

  • Have plenty of pictures of your furniture. Keep the understanding of your product clear and realistic. Don’t make it vague and hard to understand. The more pictures, the better. This will keep folks from arriving and trying to claim it isn’t the same or it is significantly lower quality!
  • Do CASH only. Wire transfers, Paypal and everything else can turn out to be a scam. Cash is a guarantee. Once you have the cash in your hand, you can get down to handing over the goods. Until then, there is no guarantee that money order will go through. It’s way too easy to get conned out of your furniture. Don’t do it. Cash only.
  • Meet somewhere in public and bring a friend. If you have some back up and some knowledge that this person knows you are not going to play around if they decide to try something funny, you have a solid guarantee that this person will not screw you.

Overall, Craigslist is a solid place to sell your furniture if you can avoid the scammers. If you aren’t looking to sell on Craigslist, there are some good alternatives.

Have a Garage Sale and Sell Your Furniture There

Another easy way to sell furniture in Dallas is to have a garage sale and sell out not only the furniture but quite a few other items that might need a sale of their own like old televisions sets, records and household items. If you have a garage sale, put up signs, tell your neighbors and put items out where anyone can come up and view to see if they want to buy. It helps improve sales.

Another good strategy for garage sales is to have them on a day where many other people are having them. A lot of neighborhoods have garage sales throughout the year where everyone has their items out for sale. This can be a good chance to sell these items and make a decent profit off of furniture sales in Dallas.

Final Strategy – Sell Furniture to a Pawn Shop

If you need cash now for an item like furniture, pawn shops can sometimes be a good option. Not all pawn shops will accept used furniture for obvious reasons. Those that do will reduce the price of the furniture by a significant amount. This is due to the fact that the have to resell it in order to make a profit. You can’t rely on this as a reasonable source of income for your particular item.

Pawn shops are strictly for emergency cash. If you’re in a hurry to get rid of your furniture, then this is a great approach. Otherwise, try to avoid this. Stick to selling to real consumers.