At Texas State Movers we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and we are aware that moving home can not only be a stressful time, but with all the moving companies out there it can be quite confusing to know what to ask and what to prepare in your home when it comes to the moving day. We are easily contacted through different mediums if you would like to check our Contact Us page, if you have any questions and would like some reassurance, however below is a list of the frequently asked questions we get which will hopefully clear things up ahead of time!

How is my move priced?

When you contact us you will be talking to an experienced mover who has been in the business for over 35 years, we DO NOT use call centers or extra employees for this role. They will ask you a series of questions over the phone such as:

  • How many sq feet is your home?
  • Is it first story to first story/are their stairs/lifts we would need to negotiate?
  • Do you require packing?
  • Are there any specialty items that need moving, i.e a piano or gun safe?
  • Where are you located and where are you moving too?

With this information we can then give you an hourly quote depending on the size of the team needed. If it is a big move then the mover will offer to come to your home to give you an estimate for a total price. This way you can be assured that your move will be priced fairly.

Are you licensed?

Yes we are fully licensed by the state of Texas. Our TxDMV No. is: 008651115C and US DOT no is: 2302975

Are my goods insured?

All goods are insured for $0.60 per pound provided by the standard coverage that is required by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. We always take the upmost care in handling your items but would advise you purchase extra insurance for any highly expensive items.

Do we need to disassemble furniture?

This is entirely up to you, we offer the service of taking apart any big items such as beds, fridge doors etc but this will be included in the time needed to complete your move, or factored in when given a flat rate bid.

Do you provide boxes/packing equipment?

So we have a wide variety of boxes for you to purchase from us if you are packing yourselves. If you are acquiring our packing services we will provide all the materials needed to pack all items from kitchenware to furniture. This will be factored in to the cost we quote you.

What will you actually pack?

We will pack absolutely everything you want us to pack, you can leave your home exactly as it is and we will come in and pack all items that we see unless told otherwise! Again this will be priced up when quoting your move.

Do we need to remove items from drawers/hanging clothes?

As long as there is nothing breakable or fragile you can leave all items in drawers and we will blanket and wrap each furniture item so nothing can fall out. If you have not asked for us to pack for you then you need to remove all hanging clothes from the closets, ask us about our wardrobe boxes that you can purchase that will make packing your closet easier and time efficient.

How do we pay you?

We can accept cash or check payments

Are we required to tip the workers?

It is not a requirement for you to tip our workers, however please feel free to tip if you are happy with the service that we have offered you. It will bring a smile to our faces if you do 🙂