Easy Tips to Meet New Neighbors

Easy Tips to Meet New Neighbors

Sometimes when you move to a new neighborhood, you’ll be greeted by friendly neighbors. Sometimes, they may even bring a delicious “welcome to the neighborhood” gift. Unfortunately this usually doesn’t happen, and you’ll have to go and meet your neighbors if you want to start integrating with the community.

To make the process go more smoothly, we’ve put together a few tips to help overcome any initial awkwardness and get to know your new neighbors.

1) When you’re outside, look for opportunities to say hello. When you’re out checking the mail, playing with your kids in the yard, doing lawn work, etc., there’s a good chance other people will be out. Take advantage and spark up some small talk about how you’re new to the area.

2) Host a get-together for neighbors at your house. Distribute flyers around the neighborhood and talk to anyone you meet about it. Serve treats and provide games and get to know the people who live nearby so you can start building friendships.

3) Join an organization. It doesn’t really matter what you join, as long as you find it interesting so you can meet people with similar interests. You could join a church, a painting class, a fitness class, the possibilities are endless!

4) Do something new each week. Go to sporting events, visit the community center, look up local favorites in the area, visit restaurants and coffee shops. By getting out and seeing new things you’ll better integrate with your new community and meet people that live in the area.

We know moving to a new neighborhood (especially in a different city or state) can be tough, but making new friends can make it a lot easier. Keep in mind that people will rarely come to your door to introduce themselves, so it’s up to you to go out and meet them.

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