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Moving Tips

It’s Spring—The Best Time of the Year to Plan Your Move

Many people don’t have the luxury of choosing when they move, due to factors outside of their control (such as job requirements, family, etc.).  However, if you’re one of the lucky ones who can plan when to move, we advise you to consider a spring-time move.

Local Mover Availability

It’s no secret that summer is the busiest moving season.  It’s not uncommon to call around only to find out that all the local movers are almost booked to capacity.

Moving Weather

No one likes moving in the freezing cold or scorching heat.  For many regions across the country, spring provides the perfect temperatures–not too hot, not too cold, and plenty of sunny days.

Prepping for Summer

Everyone knows summertime is a great time of the year to relax and enjoy outside recreational activities such as swimming and barbecuing.  Wouldn’t you rather be situated in your new home, enjoying the summer and entertaining guests instead of packing, unpacking, and organizing?

If you’re in Dallas, Fort Worth, or Plano and are trying to plan your move, Texas State Movers is here for you!  Whether you decide you want to move in the Spring, or any other time of year, we’d love to help you get relocated and situated in your new home. Give us a call at 214-320-1230.

Moving Checklist – Part 1 of 8

We’re putting together a moving checklist that you can follow along with during your next big move. We’ve broken it down by week, and it’s an 8-week countdown until move day. Two months is a fairly appropriate amount of time to start planning your move and getting everything prepped for move out day.  If you try to do it in a shorter timeframe, you’re most likely going to feel the pressure as your moving day arrives. Today we’re posting week 1 of 8.  The list for Week #2 will be up soon!

Dallas Moving Checklist - Part 1 of 8

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Tips for Moving Cross-Country 

Moving across the country is a big step. You will have your share of doubts and hassles as a result of being in a new place. The fear of moving is something we all have. If you have a great opportunity across the country, it’s definitely worth it to make the move in order to get the right place. Here’s some things that you might experience when you are moving cross-country:

  • You might be scared. The fear of being away from friends and family will get you almost a cornered feeling when you finally let the new feelings set in. Take some deep breaths and find a place of comfort and relaxation in your new environment.
  • You probably won’t know many people. It’s scary moving into a new place and not knowing anybody, but experiencing this is a great way to grow and adapt yourself to new situations.
  • You might want to go back. You are stronger for not giving in. Stay the course in order to make yourself a more complete person!

You might want to consider why you’re moving. If you have a great career opportunity, this might be worth traveling across the country in order to get more money, a better opportunity for yourself and your family and better work experience. The question is, is this worth it? You will find out pretty quickly once you get there.

Generally speaking, a job should pay more money if you are going to relocate for career reasons, or should be the next best move for your career path. If a job pays the same amount as what you are making in your current location, it’s fairly likely not worth the additional stress and pain of relocating so far away. You might want to consider just seeking out a promotion or a better opportunity closer to home instead of grabbing for something so far away, as you might find yourself missing home.

If the job you found is that much more compensation, you might be able to make this work, but keep in mind that you are likely traveling with too many things as it is right now. You have a lot of stuff. Quite a bit of that stuff is not worth the trip. The TV? Sure. Most of the clothes? Alright. The guitar? Probably. Your collection of books and CD’s? That one you might want to sell or leave behind. Some of that old beat up furniture? That should really be left behind. Rent or buy new furniture when you arrive. You’ll learn quickly when traveling far that you don’t need much of what you actually have!

Overall, the experience of cross country travel is a great opportunity assuming you are moving cross-country for the right reasons. If it’s a great opportunity, you can’t go wrong as long as the compensation and travel costs are well covered by your new job. Keep these tips in mind before moving!

A Guide to Selling Used Furniture in Dallas

If you’re trying to make your move go more smoothly, it’s a good idea to get rid of any unwanted furniture you may have around the house and/or in storage. In order to sell your furniture at the best possible price (and equally importantly, get rid of it before your move date), and get the sale closed promptly and without any scams or shady business, it’s important to use your resources properly. These are some of the best methods for selling used furniture in Dallas, TX to utilize:

Selling on Craigslist? Don’t Forget These Simple Tips!

Craigslist is an awesome place for selling furniture in Dallas, but you have to be careful. If you want to avoid problems, which we’re sure you do, it’s important to play by certain rules and get the method of selling on Craigslist down right. Here are the things you want to know before selling:

  • Have plenty of pictures of your furniture. Keep the understanding of your product clear and realistic. Don’t make it vague and hard to understand. The more pictures, the better. This will keep folks from arriving and trying to claim it isn’t the same or it is significantly lower quality!
  • Do CASH only. Wire transfers, Paypal and everything else can turn out to be a scam. Cash is a guarantee. Once you have the cash in your hand, you can get down to handing over the goods. Until then, there is no guarantee that money order will go through. It’s way too easy to get conned out of your furniture. Don’t do it. Cash only.
  • Meet somewhere in public and bring a friend. If you have some back up and some knowledge that this person knows you are not going to play around if they decide to try something funny, you have a solid guarantee that this person will not screw you.

Overall, Craigslist is a solid place to sell your furniture if you can avoid the scammers. If you aren’t looking to sell on Craigslist, there are some good alternatives.

Have a Garage Sale and Sell Your Furniture There

Another easy way to sell furniture in Dallas is to have a garage sale and sell out not only the furniture but quite a few other items that might need a sale of their own like old televisions sets, records and household items. If you have a garage sale, put up signs, tell your neighbors and put items out where anyone can come up and view to see if they want to buy. It helps improve sales.

Another good strategy for garage sales is to have them on a day where many other people are having them. A lot of neighborhoods have garage sales throughout the year where everyone has their items out for sale. This can be a good chance to sell these items and make a decent profit off of furniture sales in Dallas.

Final Strategy – Sell Furniture to a Pawn Shop

If you need cash now for an item like furniture, pawn shops can sometimes be a good option. Not all pawn shops will accept used furniture for obvious reasons. Those that do will reduce the price of the furniture by a significant amount. This is due to the fact that the have to resell it in order to make a profit. You can’t rely on this as a reasonable source of income for your particular item.

Pawn shops are strictly for emergency cash. If you’re in a hurry to get rid of your furniture, then this is a great approach. Otherwise, try to avoid this. Stick to selling to real consumers.

Unexpected Moving Expenses 

Moving ExpensesNobody expects moving to be cheap.  Between the costs of the new place you’re moving into, renting a truck, or possibly hiring a moving company, moving can be a very big expense.  But the real killer is the small, unexpected costs that most people don’t take into account but add up quickly. Whether you hire movers or choose to go DIY, these costs can blind side you if you’re not prepared.  This list is designed to give you an idea of what hidden costs to expect so you don’t run into any unpleasant surprises along the way.  The best way to prevent unexpected expenses is to be as clear as possible regarding all details of your move, and be sure to choose a dependable moving company.

Truck Fees

When renting a truck, the rental and gas fees alone can be pretty daunting by themselves. But there are a few hidden fees that can add to this and make the truck rental process even more expensive. Truck rental insurance is one of these, and this can reach up to $150. And this may not even cover every type of damage; overhead damage is usually not covered by most truck rental policies.

Speaking of gas prices, these are usually separate from truck rental fees and are up to the renter to cover. Since most rentals have pretty low gas mileage (7 to 10 miles per gallon), the diesel fuel burned can add up very quickly. This can make gas a huge chunk of your moving expense, as you need to fill up the truck once you’re done or you can be hit with additional fees.

Lastly, being on the road for a long move might mean you’ll need to stop at a hotel for one or more nights. This could be add up, as many hotels can charge $100 or even more.

Actual Costs of “Cheap” Movers

If you hire a moving company, it can be easy to be enticed by the cheapest offer out there. But these “cheap” movers will usually cost you in other ways; as with all businesses, not every company is transparent. If a moving company advertises a very low fee, then they’ll most likely make up for it with their hourly rates and other details they don’t always mention.

While movers that charge hourly aren’t necessarily a bad option, some companies will multiply that hourly rate by the number of movers you hire to help. So if you choose to hire 3 people, you’ll be hit with 3 times the hourly rate that’s advertised. Researching the companies you’re considering thoroughly is the way to avoid these surprises.


Sometimes, it’s impossible to sync up your move-out date with the time to move in to your new place. If this happens, many people have to place their furniture and belongings into storage until they can move in, and this can be another unexpected but significant expense. Storage isn’t always cheap, and a tiny 10×20 foot unit costs over $100 a month and up to $180 a month if it’s climate controlled. This is certainly a surprise you can do without.

Utilities & Deposits

The fees don’t end once you move in to your new place, either. Many utility companies require you to pay initial fees for setting up accounts, and these fees can be pretty brutal when stacked on top of final utility fees you still owe from your old place. This along with pay-in-advance bills can make it feel like you’re paying 2 sets of utilities at once

This is not to mention security deposits. In the chaos of moving out, it can be easy to overlook the need to clean out your old place before you leave. This is not only courteous but will also ensure you get your security deposit back if you’re renting an apartment. Because chances are you’re already paying a new security deposit at your new place, the last thing you need is to lose the one you put down on your old apartment.


Moving is stressful enough without being blindsided by hidden fees and unexpected expenses.  So next time you plan a moving budget, be sure to anticipate all of the things mentioned above to ensure that you have a fairly accurate picture of what everything will cost and can plan accordingly. If you do hire a moving company, it helps to find one that’s transparent and won’t hit you with any unexpected fees. Hiring the right movers will take a lot of the weight of moving off your shoulders.

Some Things to Do If You Hire Movers

Hiring movers for your next move is a great idea; it’s well worth it to save yourself the trouble of having to carry heavy furniture down several flights of stairs or having to drive a gigantic truck across the country (city, state, wherever). Professional movers take a lot of the responsibility and stress off your shoulders, but there are still a few things you can do before you hire movers to make the process go much more smoothly. Movers are people too, and lack of proper communication on your part can result in less efficient service. Below are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure you get the most out of your movers.

Go Through Your Things

If you hire movers to pack your boxes, they’ll pack absolutely everything. And chances are, you don’t need to hold on to those old baby clothes or those hand-me-down Christmas decorations that have been in storage for years. It’s important that you go through all of your things before the movers arrive, as there’s a good chance you’ll need to get rid of a lot of old things and there’s no way for the movers to know what’s going in the truck and what isn’t. Also, be sure to take out the trash and recycling, as they might mistake those bags for belongings as well.

So save the heavy lifting for the movers, but pack up the small stuff yourself. And while you’re doing this, it’s a good idea to use an easy-to-understand system of labeling your boxes, that way the movers know what sort of things are in each box. This’ll give them a chance to load the truck the way they see fit, placing more fragile items on top or keeping like items together if they choose.

Ask Questions

Every moving company is different, and finding out as much information as you can about the policies of the movers you choose to go with will make things a lot easier. Some movers will only handle boxes and not bagged items, and others might charge for equipment like dollies and furniture straps. Ask ahead for quotes, as some movers tack on fees for boxing and taping; it’s often cheaper for you to get your own boxes before the movers show up.

Also, depending on your situation, it may be cheaper to hire movers who don’t use their own truck and rent one yourself instead. In this case, the movers won’t be paying for the truck maintenance or insurance, so the amount they charge you will be a lot lower. You’ll just be paying for the man hours.

Make Sure They Can Get In

If you live in a gated apartment or community, it’s definitely a good idea to make sure you give your movers everything they need to get in smoothly. Let them know any codes before hand, and give them any keys they may need to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible once they arrive. It’s also a good idea to get some door props so that you don’t have to spend extra time holding doors open.

Be Courteous

The most important thing to remember when hiring movers is to treat them kindly and courteously. Small gestures can make a big difference during the move.  For example, it’s always a good idea to have some cold bottled water on hand, even if the movers have their own water. Baking some homemade desserts and having a pot of coffee ready are also a nice touch. All of this will improve moral, increase productivity, and ensure that the movers get the job done as best as they can.

That being said, there is such thing as being too friendly. While it’s nice for you to give your movers a break and chat for a while, you’re most likely still paying them by the hour. It’s best to keep unnecessary conversation to a minimum that way the movers can focus on the task at hand.


Hiring movers will take a lot of responsibility out of your moving project, but there are still some things you can do yourself to make the process go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. If you keep these things in mind and treat your movers with courtesy and respect, you’ll definitely get the most out of the service you’re paying for. If you’ve been looking into hiring movers but haven’t decided on a company yet, Texas State Movers is a good choice for the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. With a good moving company, you’ll surely get your money’s worth

Why Move to Dallas? Part II

In our last post, we covered a few great reasons to consider making Dallas your new home. If you missed it, you can see it here: Why Move to Dallas? Part I.  We’ve already covered the diversity, the strong economy, and our famous Farmers Market.  But there are plenty of aspects we haven’t mentioned, so let’s take a look at a few more.

The Sports

You know that Dallas is home to big-league sports teams like the Cowboys and the Mavericks. But did you know that it’s also home to the best cheerleaders in the world? The Dallas Cowboys were the first team to introduce cheerleaders, and these cheerleaders keep setting records. Not only do they have their own reality show, but they’ve also entertained more U.S. troops than any other entertainment act over the last 25 years.

Our Woodrow Wilson High School also boasts the distinction of being the only secondary institution to graduate two winners of the Heisman trophy in Davey O’Brien and Tim Browner. Dallas also just happens to be the place where the term “Super Bowl” was coined!

The Arts and Music

If you’re not that into sports, Dallas still has something for you. If you’re looking for art, the Dallas Arts District has the distinction of being the largest urban arts district in the U.S., with performing arts, dance theatre, the world-ranked Dallas Museum of Art, and even a sculpture center. And with its plethora of bars and nightclubs, Deep Ellum is the city’s entertainment district with a very diverse culture.


These are just a few reasons to move to Dallas.  The city has a lot more to offer than most people realize, and there’s so much more to discover. Give Dallas a try and you won’t be disappointed; it just might be the right fit for you on your next move.

Why Move to Dallas? Part I

So you’re considering moving. You’re going to need to find somewhere with a great job market and high employment rate. A diverse and accepting community is also a must. A thriving entertainment scene with sports, art, music, and more wouldn’t hurt. What’s a city with all of these things? What about Dallas, Texas?

The third largest city in Texas has more to offer than you’d expect, and in this 2-part post we’ll show you just a few of the reasons why it’s one of the best options for your move. Keep reading and just maybe you’ll end up choosing Dallas as your new home.

The Variety

People might think Dallas is nothing but cowboy hats and rodeos, but there’s more than a little variety to “The Big D.” Dallas is home to all kinds of religious faiths, including the largest Jewish community in Texas with 45,000 Jewish residents. At 42.4%, Dallas’ Hispanic population is very much thriving, and another 25% of the population is African American. Plus, contrary to popular opinions, Dallas boasts a very large and active LGBT community.

The diversity doesn’t stop with the people, either. There are so many restaurants in Dallas that it boasts more restaurants per capita than even New York City, and all of this food has a very international variety. From the French-continental cuisine of Rosewood Mansion to Seafood, Italian, and Japanese, Dallas offers much more than just barbeque and Tex-Mex (although these are nothing to gloss over).

The Economy

What about the job market in Dallas? In a city that’s home to so many companies with huge workforces like 7-Eleven, J.C. Penney, GameStop, Frito-Lay, Dr Pepper, and many more, it’s no wonder Dallas has become a popular moving destination for its job market. On top of that, 18 Fortune 500 companies make Dallas their home along with 18 of Forbes Magazine’s list of riches billionaires—this makes Dallas second to only New York in its number of billionaires. All this wealth makes the local economy a thriving place to work.

The Farmers Market

It’s not all white collar though. Dallas boasts the largest farmers’ market in the entire country. Since 1800s when the fair opened to let farmers sell directly from their wagons, it’s been a year-round attraction for millions of people every year. The popularity of the market shows that people in Dallas appreciate and take care of their farmers.

If you’re looking for a more exciting attraction, you can also find the Dallas State Fair—the only one in the country with a full-scale auto show. And the State Fair proves that everything is bigger in Texas: it’s got the biggest Ferris wheel of its kind in the Texas Star and the “tallest cowboy in the world” in the 55-foot-tall statue-mascot Big Tex.

Stay Tuned for Why Move to Dallas – Part II coming in the next few days!

Some Moving Stats for Dallas & Fort Worth Residents

We’ve compiled a list of interesting moving facts for our fellow Dallas & Fort Worth residents!  We hope you find our infographic fun and informative.  If you’re one of the 40 million people who are going to be moving this year, or in 2015, be sure to give us a call and we’ll take care of you every step of the way!

Dallas Movers & Fort Worth Movers Infographic

4 Commonly Overlooked Moving Mistakes

Low Clearance Sign - Dallas Moving Tips
Image Credit: Zoe Zolka

Most DIY blogs will tell you the same things when it comes to moving tips. Planning ahead, hiring the right movers, getting the right insurance, etc. etc. But our Dallas and Fort Worth movers have seen it time and time again: the problems that most people run into are the small, overlooked details that nobody thinks about until they end up causing huge setbacks. This list will take you through some of the most common moving mistakes we run into and let you know how to avoid them. All it takes is just a little bit of extra planning to make things go a lot smoother come moving day.

1. Not Knowing Your Truck Size

There so many things to worry about when planning a move that it’s pretty easy to overlook this one important piece of information once you have all your things packed and are on the road. Especially for those of us you rarely drive a truck and tend to ignore those clearance signs on every overpass bridge. But when you think everything is going smoothly and you’re home free, all of your hard work and progress can come to a grinding halt in the blink of an eye with a single overpass.

It may seem like it’s such a stupid mistake that no competent person would ever make it, but getting a moving truck stuck under a low clearance bridge is the first common moving mistake on our list. You should take care to avoid this lest absent-mindedness break another cross-country moving dream. Make sure you don’t end up on the next Youtube “fail” compilation and plan out your next move with the experts at Texas State Movers. We’ll plan out a safe route and make sure your belongings don’t end up crushed underneath a low overpass along with your hopes of a stress-free move.

2. Overloading Your Vehicle

We’ve all been in this situation. You’re getting on the highway, and in front of you is what appears to be a heaping assortment of furniture items questionably held together with a few ropes. Barely visible underneath is the poor, overworked bed of a pickup that’s clearly much too small to be carrying the mountain of furniture it’s been burdened with. Behind this monstrosity, all you can do is pray that none of those ropes will come loose, bringing that mountain crashing down on top of you. This is the next often-overlooked mistake on our list: overloading your vehicle with too much furniture.

This isn’t just a problem for makeshift DIY movers, either. Even specialized moving trucks can be overloaded, causing unnecessary wear and tear on the vehicle and putting your belongings at risk. This can be tough to work around if you’re on your own, but thankfully Texas State Movers will take care of all of these problems for you. We’d never try to shove all of your valuables into a too-small truck, and we’ll do our best to avoid furniture road hazards that have fallen out of overloaded pickup beds.

3. Underestimating Furniture Size

The third mistake on our list is when you finally make it to your moving destination and are just about to move in your first piece of furniture, only to find that the sofa doesn’t fit through the door at your new place. It’s pretty frustrating to find this out after all the work you did but, the truth is, making sure all of the furniture will fit through the door is something most people definitely won’t think about when determining if a new place is the best fit to move in to.

It’s a pretty difficult mistake to avoid as well, but you can avoid a lot of needless work by scoping out how large an opening you have to work with at your new place and leaving behind any furniture items that are just too large. It isn’t that difficult to find a few new pieces when you get to your new place. And while it may seem like a waste to have to do this, sometimes it’s worth losing a couch or two to move into your perfect home. Just remember, Texas State Movers is here to help you with all the heavy lifting, and we’ll do our best to avoid getting anything stuck in your door.

4. Packing Everything

Moving out means a lot of things. The excitement of a new chapter in your life… the sadness of leaving an old place behind… and a chance to dig up all of your oldest and most buried possessions you forgot you had lying around. The need to clear out everything often means that all of these forgotten belongings come to the surface and bring with them a flood of old memories and nostalgia. The last mistake on our list is when all those things that have been untouched for years make it into the moving boxes.

It can be easy to feel like you need to keep all those old forgotten things around and take them with you to your new home, but think about it seriously. Do you really need those baby clothes from 20 years ago? Chances are you’ll be just fine without your collection of VHS tapes you haven’t touched in nearly 2 decades. A huge way to make your move a whole lot easier is to do some serious pruning and throw out everything you’re not gonna need anymore before you start your move. Trust us; if you weed out what you don’t need anymore, it’ll make the rest of the work go by much more quickly when Texas State Movers come by to pack your stuff. And a lighter work load will mean your bill is lighter too.