5 Tips – Make Sure You’re Prepared for Your DFW Movers

5 Tips – Make Sure You’re Prepared for Your DFW Movers

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Dallas-Fort Worth Movers Tips – Planning Your Move

Be sure you pick the right time of the year to move.  Summer is the most popular season for movers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. What’s more, the start and end of each month is typically more busy than the middle of the month, no matter the time of year. If you are planning to move during one of these peak times, plan well in advance so your DFW movers can schedule you in.

Once you speak to your Dallas movers, let them know your desired destination and the day and time you plan on moving. Ask the movers to quote you with a written estimate, and ask them to describe the services detailed in the estimate. Carefully evaluate all estimates to determine which DFW moving company best matches your requirements.

Packing Tips

If possible, get a trained packer to pack your items into the proper cartons. Set up packing with your moving company a few days before the moving trucks arrive. Should you decide to pack on your own, the sooner you begin, the better off you’ll be. However, keep in mind that many movers will not accept liability for damages to items that were packed by the owners (instead of the moving company).

Be sure to be present when the packing occurs. It is important to keep track of the inventory as you will have to sign off on it before the move. It would be wise to have your valuables listed separately. All household goods shipments are covered under limited liability, you can get extra coverage for your goods/furniture/appliances.

Planning Your Moving Day

Your Dallas movers might request that you choose a few back-to-back days during which your things can be placed onto the moving trucks and another set of days during which your property could be dropped off at your new residence. A span of dates provides you and the movers the freedom necessary to ensure your move is on schedule. Keep in mind that summer tends to be the busiest, and some companies may offer better deals for moves scheduled between September and April.

Moving Day

Ensure that you are present when the movers show up. Talk over the delivery plans completely with the company. Be sure all bedding is stripped and prepped for packing. Don’t overexert yourself – allow the moving crew to handle the items. Inform the movers on how to get to your new residence.

Dallas Movers Delivery

Usually, your possessions will be transferred in a moving truck alongside the possessions of other households in the same general area. This helps to keep your costs down. Drop off is made on one of the dates decided upon earlier. Be sure thy are aware of how to get a hold of you to arrange the drop off. If you can’t be contacted at the new location, they might put your cargo into a storage area to prevent stalling of other people’s deliveries, which can cost you more money and delay your delivery.

Upon receiving your items, examine everything for any damages. Don’t sign off on the inventory until after you’ve had a chance to look over all of the boxes, furniture, and appliances.

Moving Company Claims

Should any of the goods be lost and/or damaged, please report so quickly and in detail on the driver’s copy of the inventory sheet prior to signing it. If you discover any problems or damages after you’ve unpacked, you need to file a claim within nine months after the delivery. That said, it’s a good idea to report problems ASAP.

The moving company must confirm that they have received your claim in less than thirty days and have to reject or make an offer within four months (120 days) after confirming receipt of said claim. Be sure to keep in mind the amount of liability that you declared on your shipment when considering any settlement offers. Such as, if $10,000 was the declared shipment value, the maximum liability for damage/loss is $10,000. Anything more than this will be rejected because it exceeds the liability declared.