4 Commonly Overlooked Moving Mistakes

4 Commonly Overlooked Moving Mistakes

Low Clearance Sign - Dallas Moving Tips
Image Credit: Zoe Zolka

Most DIY blogs will tell you the same things when it comes to moving tips. Planning ahead, hiring the right movers, getting the right insurance, etc. etc. But our Dallas and Fort Worth movers have seen it time and time again: the problems that most people run into are the small, overlooked details that nobody thinks about until they end up causing huge setbacks. This list will take you through some of the most common moving mistakes we run into and let you know how to avoid them. All it takes is just a little bit of extra planning to make things go a lot smoother come moving day.

1. Not Knowing Your Truck Size

There so many things to worry about when planning a move that it’s pretty easy to overlook this one important piece of information once you have all your things packed and are on the road. Especially for those of us you rarely drive a truck and tend to ignore those clearance signs on every overpass bridge. But when you think everything is going smoothly and you’re home free, all of your hard work and progress can come to a grinding halt in the blink of an eye with a single overpass.

It may seem like it’s such a stupid mistake that no competent person would ever make it, but getting a moving truck stuck under a low clearance bridge is the first common moving mistake on our list. You should take care to avoid this lest absent-mindedness break another cross-country moving dream. Make sure you don’t end up on the next Youtube “fail” compilation and plan out your next move with the experts at Texas State Movers. We’ll plan out a safe route and make sure your belongings don’t end up crushed underneath a low overpass along with your hopes of a stress-free move.

2. Overloading Your Vehicle

We’ve all been in this situation. You’re getting on the highway, and in front of you is what appears to be a heaping assortment of furniture items questionably held together with a few ropes. Barely visible underneath is the poor, overworked bed of a pickup that’s clearly much too small to be carrying the mountain of furniture it’s been burdened with. Behind this monstrosity, all you can do is pray that none of those ropes will come loose, bringing that mountain crashing down on top of you. This is the next often-overlooked mistake on our list: overloading your vehicle with too much furniture.

This isn’t just a problem for makeshift DIY movers, either. Even specialized moving trucks can be overloaded, causing unnecessary wear and tear on the vehicle and putting your belongings at risk. This can be tough to work around if you’re on your own, but thankfully Texas State Movers will take care of all of these problems for you. We’d never try to shove all of your valuables into a too-small truck, and we’ll do our best to avoid furniture road hazards that have fallen out of overloaded pickup beds.

3. Underestimating Furniture Size

The third mistake on our list is when you finally make it to your moving destination and are just about to move in your first piece of furniture, only to find that the sofa doesn’t fit through the door at your new place. It’s pretty frustrating to find this out after all the work you did but, the truth is, making sure all of the furniture will fit through the door is something most people definitely won’t think about when determining if a new place is the best fit to move in to.

It’s a pretty difficult mistake to avoid as well, but you can avoid a lot of needless work by scoping out how large an opening you have to work with at your new place and leaving behind any furniture items that are just too large. It isn’t that difficult to find a few new pieces when you get to your new place. And while it may seem like a waste to have to do this, sometimes it’s worth losing a couch or two to move into your perfect home. Just remember, Texas State Movers is here to help you with all the heavy lifting, and we’ll do our best to avoid getting anything stuck in your door.

4. Packing Everything

Moving out means a lot of things. The excitement of a new chapter in your life… the sadness of leaving an old place behind… and a chance to dig up all of your oldest and most buried possessions you forgot you had lying around. The need to clear out everything often means that all of these forgotten belongings come to the surface and bring with them a flood of old memories and nostalgia. The last mistake on our list is when all those things that have been untouched for years make it into the moving boxes.

It can be easy to feel like you need to keep all those old forgotten things around and take them with you to your new home, but think about it seriously. Do you really need those baby clothes from 20 years ago? Chances are you’ll be just fine without your collection of VHS tapes you haven’t touched in nearly 2 decades. A huge way to make your move a whole lot easier is to do some serious pruning and throw out everything you’re not gonna need anymore before you start your move. Trust us; if you weed out what you don’t need anymore, it’ll make the rest of the work go by much more quickly when Texas State Movers come by to pack your stuff. And a lighter work load will mean your bill is lighter too.